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Infiniti’s front hood has no reason to bounce pedestrian protection device

Pedestrian protection devices were originally created to reduce the risk of pedestrians when a vehicle collides with a pedestrian. However, it has not been uncommon to complain about startups that are too sensitive and very small for certain pedestrian protection devices.It is understood that the incident occurred in the main road of the city less than 500 meters away from the residential area where Mr. Wang lived. The speed was about 40 yards per hour. Under normal driving conditions without collisions and obstacles, the front suddenly exploded and white smoke appeared. The hood pops up. According to reports, the above hood automatically bounces, in fact, as a hidden passive safety configuration – pop-up pedestrian protection hood, when colliding with pedestrians, the hood will actively bounce, forming a buffer barrier, equivalent Installed a balloon for pedestrians, which can effectively reduce the damage suffered by the pedestrian. A device that should be activated only when it collides with a pedestrian will obviously affect the safety of the driver if it is bounced without any reason during normal driving. Mr. Wang said that because of the sudden incident, he was also shocked and almost caused a traffic accident. He believes that this is a security risk and brings great psychological obstacles to drivers and passengers. At the same time, after the device is started, the hinge of the hood will be destroyed, and the engine compartment cover needs to be replaced, thus causing maintenance costs.

The reporter search found that such a thing is not a case. There are many car owners on the Internet who are in the spit pedestrian protection device, and some even call it “chicken ribs.” Some owners have reported that their Q70L has reached a speed of 40 yards and has encountered a dog. The dog has nothing to do, and the pedestrian protection device bounces. More car owners asked if the pedestrian protection device could be removed. After the accident, the attitude of the 4S shop also made Mr. Wang feel a little dissatisfied. He said that since the car broke down, the manufacturer and the 4S shop have been shirking responsibility and no further explanation. The reporter noted that Mr. Wang’s complaints on the Auto Complaints Network have consistently indicated “enterprise processing”. It is worth noting that on the website, the latest incident of Infiniti owners’ complaints was still in March last year. And because the owner complained, the manufacturer did not give a reply, Infiniti entered the latest complaint of the Auto Complaints Network blacklist. Buy car cover for snow for outer protection.

In terms of sales, Infiniti’s performance in the first half of the year is not outstanding.

Since the beginning of the year, although the domestic passenger car market is generally sluggish, the performance of luxury cars is more eye-catching. According to the data, sales of luxury cars in the first half of the year achieved nearly 20% growth, among which the second and third-line luxury brands grew rapidly. Specifically, in the first half of this year, Infiniti’s sales in China reached 21,379 units, a year-on-year increase of 15%. Compared with the growth rates of 0.2%, 8.2% and 5.6% in the first three months, this achievement shows to some extent that Infiniti is entering the recovery channel. However, compared with competitors, according to the data, Lincoln, which was later than Infiniti, entered sales in China in the first half of the year, reaching 24,541 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 97%. The same as the Japanese Lexus, the cumulative sales in China in the first half of the year reached 60,511 vehicles. The year-on-year growth was 31.0%; Cadillac sales increased by 71% year-on-year; Acura increased by 4.4 times year-on-year.

In this regard, some insiders said that compared with competitors, Infiniti’s product line is not wide enough, especially in the localization, only Q50L and QX50 two products, and the first-line luxury car has a big gap; In terms of core technology, it seems to be left behind, and its technical advantages have not been played out. Lu Yi, the general manager of Dongfeng Infiniti, said that Infiniti entered the Chinese market, especially the domestically produced time is not too long. It takes a period of time to climb and adapt. The growth in the first half of the year is “reasonable”. For the future development, he said that the current luxury car brand is diversified, which means that there are opportunities for individual brands. “Infiniti faces enormous opportunities and challenges in the Chinese market, and believes that Infiniti is an attractive brand in the luxury car market.”

Is it worth buying synthetic or natural leather seat cover?

On some lower-priced vehicles you may only have the choice of cloth benches, since natural or synthetic leather is neither available nor optional. But there is always the option of buying a leather cover for the seats of your vehicle and providing more comfort for you and your family. But is it worth buying synthetic or natural leather seat cover?

First of all, one must understand the terminology used for different types of leather for seat covers.

Courvin: is a fabric that imitates natural but totally synthetic leather. It is also called synthetic leather or vinyl. It is a type of marketing to sell the product as it could simply be called synthetic leather.

Ecological leather: it is a leather of animal origin, but during its production uses less harmful materials to the environment, being more sustainable and ecological in this way.

Natural or genuine leather: it is pure leather, but generally encompasses practices and production processes of ecological leather.

Synthetic leather: artificially produced fabric to simulate the texture and other properties of natural leather.

According to Brazilian legislation, synthetic leather and courvin could not even be called leather, as this designation is exclusive to materials from animals. But now that you already know the differences, let’s compare the elements in choosing the leather cover for the seat of your vehicle. In our article, we will use the terms ecological leather and natural leather as synonyms, as well as synthetic leather and courvin.

Synthetic leather bank cover and ecological leather bench: price

Natural leather will always cost more expensive. How much more expensive it will cost depends largely on the quality of the leather, which can range from a simple leather to exotic animal leather like the kangaroo. While synthetic leather can bring lower costs, but bring greater resistance to the leather cover than natural leather. As synthetic leather technology can be enhanced, there are already sun-resistant synthetic leather covers, something natural leather does not handle very well. The synthetic leather cover or courvin has the cost of about 40% of the minimum wage in force on its most basic models. Covers of genuine, natural or ecological leather have initial costs of about 50% of the current minimum wage.

Synthetic leather, leather, leather or ecological / natural leather: the status

Whether in a jacket, a boot, an office chair or in a car seat, the natural leather impresses. It emits a vibration of nobility, of wealth, a status that not even the synthetic versions can simulate. Natural leather is still an indication of wealth and social status nowadays, and not even the finest synthetic materials can simulate the beauty of natural or organic leather wherever it is being used.

Courvin Bank warms up a lot? What about eco-leather? And in the cold?

The leather, regardless of whether it is synthetic or natural, gets very hot in the sun. Natural leather can get warm enough to hurt. For those who have children, this should be a major concern of parents in choosing the right fabric for the seat cover. Synthetic fabrics, on the other hand, add to themselves characteristics of cloth benches, which makes them fresher and less likely to overheat. But even so, they will still warm up a bit, and the temperature of the seats should be monitored by zealous parents to avoid accidents with children. In that aspect, the two types of leather lose to the cloth bench covers, but the synthetic or courvin seat has an advantage over the natural leather. In very cold climates, it is good to put the car to warm up a bit before sitting down. If you have heated seats, better yet. Natural leather gets colder and warms up more slowly than synthetic leather. Again, parents with children should take extra care, but nothing that a blanket over the seat or 5 minutes with the car heater on do not solve.

Natural leather cover or leather cover courvin are worth to resist stains?

No fabric overcomes the natural leather in the matter of cleaning. The synthetic leather, while being very resistant, will still absorb stains that the natural leather will not absorb. Ecological or natural leather is resistant to the most stubborn stains, such as paint, blood, and motor oil. For those who have children who are a bit clumsy, the leather seat is the option to protect their banks from unpleasant stains and difficult to remove.

Ecological leather seats or synthetic leather seats: which is worth more than the smell?

Who does not like a brand new car smell? And nothing like clean natural leather smell. In addition, natural leather keeps the natural cleaning scent longer, as it absorbs much less odors from the environment than any other fabric. The synthetic leather seat still absorbs some of the smell of the environment because it is still very porous, but not as much as a cloth bench. In the matter of keeping the scent again, the ecological or natural leather bench takes an advantage.

Leather leather bench and eco leather bench: durability and maintenance

Leather is not only high class, also requires a high maintenance. While the material is better at preventing stains, it needs to be cleaned and conditioned with specific products within the span of a few months. If you do not clean the leather, it will eventually show signs of wear due to the sweat, dust and grime that seep into your pores. Without conditioning, it will stiffen and maybe even crack. Fabrics like synthetic leather need some maintenance, including periodic vacuuming, steam cleaning, and the application of some protective products on the fabric. But in comparison, synthetic leather requires much less maintenance to be maintained than natural leather.

Other important issues to choose from the leather type of seat: slip, resale, and allergies

In natural leather seats, people “slip” more than in synthetic leather seats. It may seem silly to compare this, but whoever travels with the car full on roads with many curves will be damaging much the comfort of those who travel in the back seats of the car. Natural leather will always have a higher resale value, depreciating less than synthetic leather. So if keeping the value of the vehicle is a very important criterion, go for the leather seat covers. Cars can be a bad place for allergy sufferers for several reasons: heat, odors, dust particles, dust mites, mold, fungi. If your family has problems with allergies, both synthetic leather and eco-leather are great options, with a slight advantage for natural leather.

And which material to choose for the seat covers?

Above all, personal taste is the most important criterion in choosing a seat cover. Our comparison is just a starting point for anyone who wants to buy these covers. It is important that you compare the materials yourself before buying by testing by sitting on a bench with these materials and even driving a vehicle that has them to compare the criteria most important to you.Which material do you prefer? Synthetic leather or eco leather? Which one would you wear on the leather cover of your car seat?